Amber Michon MA TLLP

Brief info

Amber is a Masters level clinician and doctoral student in Counseling Psychology. She specializes in treatment of eating disorders and serious mental illness.

I am currently a fourth-year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at Wayne State University. I received my bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology and a minor in health promotion from Michigan State University in 2018. From there I began my Ph.D. program in 2019 and have been since given the opportunity to provide therapeutic services in a variety of settings. I specialize in the treatment of disordered eating and eating disorders, serious mental illness (schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, bipolar disorders, personality disorders), anxiety, and depression. I aim to utilize a weight-inclusive approach guided by a Health at Every Size philosophy to provide the best care possible and promote a collaborative, non-judgmental, and compassionate setting.

Outside of the therapeutic setting, I love to indulge in a good book of poetry or outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and spending time in the water! I have a passion for research and often find myself spending my time engaging in various research projects with Clubhouse International.