Is it possible to “Just Do It” in ED Recovery?

One of the most difficult parts of eating disorder recovery is taking the initial steps to get well. After all, those steps requiring doing things that are filled with fear and anxiety. As difficult as it may be, there is power in taking those first steps. The more you are able to take action and behaviorally challenge those things that cause fear (e.g. eating, trying challenging foods, wearing clothes that expose body parts), the easier these things become over time. Our brains become rewired to recognize these actions are not as scary as our mind believes in the eating disorder thinking.

However, just doing these things is not so simple! Anxiety can paralyze us and cause great fear.

  • Develop a list of feared/avoided behaviors.
  • Use your support.
  • Work with your treatment team
  • Drive your own bus. You can set your own pace!
  • Practice the art of self-compassion. Have your heard that self-compassion is the new black? Try it!
  • Stay connected with what motivates you.
  • Stay present. Practice mindfulness skills.